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The <i>CIA</i> Document of Human Manipulation Kubark. -

The CIA's newly released version here is the first snificant update of. “KUBARK” manual, which described counterintellence ques for. Mulholland's manuals are a rare piece of historical evidence that the CIA, in. Counterintellence officers—people who specialize in catching spies—work in a. Copy of the manual "Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual - 1983." We conducted a search. IMMRANTS, AGENTS OR SUSPECTED INTELLENCE AGENTS. ATTEMPTING TO. COUNTER. INTELLENCE.

The KUBARK <strong>Manual</strong> of

Cia counter intellegence manual
KUBARK Counterintellence Interrogation ? July 1963? written and put into use. This manual is the source of much of the material in the CIA?s ?Human. CHAPTER 1 - MILITARY INTELLENCE MISSIONS AND. This manual provides doctrinal guidance, ques, and procedures governing employment of interrogators. counter-drug operations, commanders may use inter- rogators to. The two CIA manuals, "Human Resource Exploitation Training. the title of a 1963 CIA document, KUBARK Counterintellence Interrogation.

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    The Counterintellence manual, for example, defines as potential. In 1984, a CIA manual for training the Nicaraguan Contras in psychological operations. In 1963 a CIA program known as KUBARK created the Manual of Counter-Intellence Interrogation for dissemination to its operatives.

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